--MAX Education--

MAX EDUCATION is an education startup focused on international-curriculum tutoring and academic guardian services with the aim to help more Vietnamese K-12 students ready for their studying abroad and learning success.

MAX Education provides 1-on-1 to group tutoring (in various subjects including Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Social Sciences, etc.), 21st learning skills (such as debating skills, research skills, self-study skills, writing & reading skills, etc.), academic counseling, test preparation, and academic guardian services to parents and students in Ho Chi Minh City.

   Job description

·  To plan, prepare, deliver, and evaluate lesson plans and learning materials of assigned classes and levels, to make them available for monitoring or lesson observation visits and maintain them as part of the course documentation files.

·  To give subject specialist information, advice and support to learners as part of teaching duties, including providing learners with advice on progression.

·  To monitor, mark and assess learners’ works and progress and maintain such record as appropriate and to prepare learners for exams and accreditation.

·  To ensure learners to understand and follow Learning Centre Policy.

·  To ensure all equipment and facilities are used appropriately and safely.

·  To attend and contribute to at least two staff and/or curriculum meetings per academic quarter and a minimum of one staff training day per academic quarter.

·  To monitor and evaluate courses and to provide feedback to the Centre Director and/or Academic Manager as requested, thus taking responsibility of your teaching.

·  To ensure continuing professional/curriculum development and to participate in training where appropriate.

·  To support Academic Manager in operational management of curriculum.

·  To communicate with parents to clarify lesson plan and/or to update on learners' progression by informed consent with the company.

MAX Education reserves the intellectual property rights of all lesson plans and materials you design during your tenure with the company.

   Job Requirements

·  Minimum Bachelor's degree required, preferably English- or Social Studies-related.

·  Teaching certificate or field expertise

·  English Proficiency certificate: IELTS Academic 7.5 or equivalent is required. 

·  Other standardized testing certificates (SAT, ACT, IB, Cambridge, v.v) are a plus

·  Previous experience with TOEFL, IELTS, SSAT, SAT…

·  Familiarity with US, UK, or Singapore education is a plus

·  1+ years’ experience tutoring children and teenagers is a plus

·  Able to develop positive rapport with students

·  Excellent communication skills

·  Established proficiency in subject matter

   Job Benefits

·  Special coaching program directly from MAX Founding team for those who wish to pursue an MBA or Master’s degree in 2 – 3 years;

·  Chances to contribute to social cause, while improving yourself through work and other training & development activities;

·  Access to international curriculum & teaching methodologies from prestigious institutes including Harvard Business School, UPenn GSE, Stanford MBA, etc.

·  Broadened network in education, startup, technologies, international mission-based organizations, finance, and investment.