High-school Research Assistant 2022

Hi all,

Thanks for your interest in being a Research Assistant with me. By ways of introduction, I am Hieu Le, Forbes 30 Under 30, Ivy League alumni, an education expert in Vietnam - 12+ years serving in different organizations with various responsibilities (curriculum development, teaching/ training/ coaching, digital transformation, administration, marketing & public relations, and admissions, etc.). Read more about me here: https://leader.digikigai.vn/le-dinh-hieu

I will be conducting a 4-year research in digital transformation in education (i.e. how schools are using technology to improve their teaching & learning, how administration are adopting a new system to manage student database, etc.). My research will examine different education institutes across Asia Pacific (esp. Vietnam and emerging markets) and US and will closely watch the most recent trend of technology (esp. Big Data, AI, AR/VR, Cloud-based, Online Learning, LMS, etc.).

There is an opening for a high-school student who:
- Loves to learn something beyond your regular school
- Wishes to pursue education in a world-class university
- Excellent English skills, esp. reading & writing
- Professional, diligent, and committed to deadline
- Afford a workload of 5-7 hours/ week in at least 4 months
- Wants to be my mentee

Please answer the below questions in English and let's see if we can partner together in research & learning.

Happy mentor - happy mentee :)